Second Hive

Second Hive Sketch.png

Exclusive GT students buy-sell match platform for secondhand items. The auto-matching function helps users save time so that they do not need to browse through all the deals, thereby making it easy and convenient to sell and get secondhand items.

Requirements satisfied: Synthesized Online Second-hand Item Marketplace, Accessible, Private, Flexible/Customizable

Rate My

Rate My.png

A platform to rate and view the reliability of the buyer/seller. Users can leave comments and rate/access the buyer/seller credit score of another user, so that others can check and decide whether a buyer/seller is reliable to trade with. This increases the reliability of trading with strangers, and by doing so makes users feel more confident participating in the secondhand marketplace.

Requirements satisfied: Synthesized Online Second-hand Item Marketplace, Transparent, Flexible/Customizable

Jar of Honey


Gamification of recycling behaviors that motivates people to recycle. Each recycling behavior leads to more honey being added into a jar; once the jar is full, users will get rewarded in ways such as priority in listing in the Second Hive platform. This turns recycling into a playful and routine action that more people would be willing to engage in.

Requirements satisfied: Synthesized Online Second-hand Item Marketplace, Move-out Manager, Donation/Recycling Support, Accessible



A recycling guide that offers AR interaction that helps users with identifying sustainable ways to deal with unwanted items. Users can scan the item and the system will recommend ways to recycle this item. This helps users gain information regarding how and what to recycle, so that mishandling behaviors would be reduced.

Requirements satisfied: Move-out Manager, Donation/Recycling Support, Accessible, Flexible/Customizable


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An automatic condition checker for unwanted items with the implementation of AR. Users can scan an item and the system will evaluate the condition of it and estimate a condition score. This helps users to better understand the condition of their items, so that sellers will set a more reasonable price and buyers will be more confident with the items that are on the secondhand market.

Requirements satisfied: Move-out Manager, Accessible, Transparent, Flexible/Customizable


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